The HCG Diet & Your Moods….

EEYORESo last night, my other half who isn’t a runner, who is now heavier than me and possibly the heaviest he’s ever been went for a walk/run, little did I know he went the same track I did a few weeks ago, first time for me and I did 5km in 41 minutes, I was very happy with this time for me, being unfit, not being a runner and in P3.

Anyway he came in sweating, not being able to breathe and a cheeky look on his face… Once he gotten control of his breathing and had time to recover I asked him what he did… My track in 36minutes… Well that was it… I had a meltdown.

I should have been happy for him, I should have said well-done but instead all I could do was go quiet… go sit in the lounge room.. then the bedroom and cried… it honestly took me about an hour to get myself under control. I just felt like I had/have been putting in so much effort and to see him beat me yet again (we have a track over a huge hill that I can’t beat him yet) it was just too much. I then started thinking about everything and it just made things and me a lot worse.
Now this poor man, it wasn’t his fault that he beat me, usually I can handle a little bit of competition and it’s good, healthy for the soul but when I’m on HCG it’s like a dark cloud comes over me at times. I’m snappy with family, work colleague’s included, random strangers, drivers, anyone that gets in my way really when I’m feeling bit dark. I’m close to tears a lot of the time, I have about 0 patience with everyone, I honestly can say I’m a bit of an Eeyore and a woe is me attitude.

Is it the HCG that I’m taking, is it the fact that I can’t eat what I want, is it the fact that I’m bit hungry, is it that I’m obsessed with HCG and losing weight during P2, is it because I’m dumping toxic waste into my body from the fat that’s going, is it because I’m feeling anxious about weigh in tomorrow each and every day I’m on P2, is this my true self and I mask it when I eat what I want to be eating.

I’m not sure the answer to this, all I know is that when I’m on P2 I’m not myself and I do honestly feel sorry for those people around me. As time goes on during the phase, I do get better but for the first week or two I’m not that nice… I have read others feel the same way as me during P2, others feel just weepy, others happy and full of energy… I guess everyone is different but I must say I’m rather annoyed at the happy & full of energy people but I guess that’s because of the stage I’m at during P2!

I don’t think there is any tried and true way to overcome this part of the phase for me, it’s something that I just have to deal with the best I can.

I think taking some supplements like Vitamin B does help but it’s not a cure-all and I guess part of my journey to health & weight loss.


  • Breakfast: BP coffee
  • Snack: Strawberry shake (Frozen strawberries blended with water and Stevia)
  • Lunch: Amazing Roasted Chicken with Tomato and Basil salad. (This was a super good lunch, I’m going to have it tomorrow!)
  • Snack: Water… Tea and some more water…
  • Dinner: Mince and Spinach all fried together with spices
  • Dessert: Apples and Chocolate.

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