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HCG Advice On Advice – Top 5 Tips On Peoples Advice

The internet is a great thing, if it wasn’t around then you wouldn’t be reading this for example but it can also be an overload of information and it can be extremely hard to...


HCG Phase 2 Recipe : Chocolate Mug Cake

If your craving cake and you’re in P2 this might help curb your craving… Don’t be expecting a soft delicious cake but something cake like in texture that has certainly helped me! Quick and...


HCG Round 3 Phase 2 Day 10… Is It Easier???

Your mind is a funny thing, this is my conversation I’m having with myself today:


HCG Phase 2 Recipe – Strawberry Ice-Cream

  I love Ice-cream it’s probably one of the reasons I have put so much weight on! So I’ve come up with this HCG Phase 2 recipe – Strawberry Ice-Cream and a different version...


HCG Phase 2 Recipe – Spinach Chips

  Move over Kale chips, hello Spinach chips… These have become a staple for me in phase 2. I started the round using coconut oil and losses were still fine. So if you’re like...