Round 3 Phase 2 Day 28… Sigh…Only 1kg Lost This Week…

30th August 2015As my son would say to me…. Mum is it really sigh that you only 1kg lost this week, I’d answer yes and he’d comment is it really mum? Is it really??…. And he’s right… my 4-year-old is right… Is it really sigh?

I can say without a doubt, really thinking about it, it’s 100% not a sigh it is 100% wahoo and here’s why:

  • I’ve lost weight instead of gaining
  • I’ve had a week of  self-discipline
  • I’ve said no to myself so many times this week and won
  • I’ve been able to fit into a size 14 this week, jeans and top (tight & not public attire… yet)
  • I’ve found a new food that I love, Radish
  • My work pants nearly fell off, no joke…
  • My partner constantly telling me I’m doing so well, that he’s a lucky man and I deserve all that I get from the hard work I’ve put in… Awww
  • I’ve felt confident, sexy and good in my skin
  • People have made many comments this week on how much I’ve lost
  • It’s the first week, I’ve actually liked my weekly photo shot
  • I’ve lost 3cm this week

Wow that’s a lot to not sigh about this week I reckon, plus the fact I’ve lost 7.9kg in 27 days… that’s definitely an achievement, I’m happy with my 1kg loss this week, I’m extremely happy I’ve got this 4-year-old in my life to make me realize that it’s not a sigh to have only lost 1kg, to make me write a post about and to make me sit down and actually think about it… put some thought into my week…

So many times it’s easy just to say oh bugger it I’ve only lost xx it’s not working, this diet is too hard blah blah blah and yes it is hard but you also need to understand how great this diet is, how great it is each and every day that you do it, how amazing you are by sticking to it and achieving your goals, how this diet will change your life it you allow it… It does, it has for many people, you just have to want it, appreciate the small things and just get through each and every day. If you do this I can promise, no matter how small the losses are you will get there and in such a short time in the scheme of things.

I thank my Mum for getting me on this diet originally and my Auntie and Mum for getting me through that round that I finally stuck to in 2013 as without them I wouldn’t have done it, I wouldn’t have realized how amazing this diet is… Life changer, it really is.

Don’t give up, keep going, think of the little things, they all add up to one big thing in the end…

Here’s to my 1kg loss this week, awesome!


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