R2P2D11 – Going Off Protocol vs Planned Interruption

Life  Life happens, events come up by surprise, this diet is only for a  short time so many people may say skip the events, it’s not worth it. But lets face it not being able to socialize isn’t the answer either as our life should not stop whilst on P2. It’s time to learn, think and make choices that are best suited to our new lifestyle regardless of what phase you are on. So easy as an adult not to say no to ourselves when it comes to food and drink and HCG helps to uncover this and make different choice and yep say no to ourselves. I’m meaning don’t say no to the event but say no to the bad food and drink choices.

Anyway this isn’t a lecture, it’s a situation that has just popped up in my life unexpected. A going away dinner for a fellow work mate, smack bang near the end of this 21 day round, day 17 to be exact… I’ve pondered, asked others and come up with two choices, as I will be going, I’m not going to miss it, life happens.

My two options are:

  1.  Don’t drink booze, eat before I go, eat proteins, fats and veg, stay away from sugar and carbs, don’t overeat, expect a gain in the morning and move on from it. Expect to stall for a few days, heck I might even stall for my remaining 4 days, I could also look to extend round by a few days…
  2.  Do a planned interruption – Not really recommend under 20 days as per pounds and inches. I’ve read of people doing it earlier than 20 days, can just be less effective. If you don’t know what it is, it’s : You stop the drops 3 days beforehand (like you do when going onto P3) Then on the 4th day I would start eating P3 foods for a minimum of 4 days before starting back into P2 and taking the drops. (no loading unless your break is longer than 14 days) So if I was to try this method, 7 days it would take to complete it then back onto P2, possible gain, stall and my round would have to be extended out which I don’t really want to extend it out that much.

Seems to me that I should go with the first option. It makes more sense to me and what I’m wanting to do with rounds down the track. If I extend this round too long I won’t be able to start my next round at the start of August and that little black dress for my event in September might not fit!

Don’t’ get me wrong though a planned interruption is great, I’ve done one last time I was on HCG back in 2014. I did a long round, stopped after 21 days, did an interruption for 7 days, gained only a KG (due to excess booze at a wedding and all sorts of bad food choices) and then I continued on P2 and lost what I’d gained plus bit more.

I just have to remember there is life beyond HCG and accept that if I’m going off protocol I’m gonna see a gain or a stall or both on the scales and accept it…

Menu today:

  • Breakfast – Bulletproof Coffee
  • Lunch – Chicken, roasted garlic dressing on cucumber noodles made with my Spiralizer
  • Snack – 1 cup strawberries
  • Dinner – Mince over Daikon Radish made with my Spiralizer
  • Snack – Apple with CD. (Chocolate Delight, Coconut Oil, Stevia and Cocoa Powder)

Lastly had a 300g lost today making total loss this round 5.5kg/12.12 pounds in 11 days.. Whoop Whoop 🙂


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