P2D3 – Super Fast Weight Loss

Green Apples YUMThe HCG diet amazes me for how quickly the weight can come off.This morning I woke to a 1.7kg/3.74 pound loss giving me a total of 2.6/5.73 pounds in just two days. What other diet can do this? None that I’ve ever been on but don’t get me wrong I know it won’t continue like this and that I will no doubt have a few stalls an maybe even gain or two but at the moment I’m doing the happy dance.. I’ll come to the stalls and gains when I get there. Hope if anyone else reading this whilst doing HCG that they are also have some great successes.

Feeling not quite as sick this morning, nor as hungry so hopefully the HCG drops are really kicking in now. Think from what I’ve been reading, next round I’m going to load for 3 days instead of just 2 days. Apparently this is better and will make you less hungry on your first VLCD.  Yesterday I again didn’t eat my second apple, didn’t feel like I needed it last night and the thought of eating it just turned me off.

Today’s menu is as follows –

  • Breakfast Coffee
  • Snack – Half an Toffee Apple
  • Lunch – Cucumber Noodles with Pesto Chicken
  • Snack – Other half of Toffee Apples & Grissini stick
  • Dinner – Yip you guessed it… It’s tomato beef chilli… Again… This dish just makes a huge bowl and I feel so satisfied after it.
  • Dessert – Salty baked apple.

I also decided to use Myfitness Pal to track what I’ve been eating, I’m close to only being 400 Cal not the 500cal so I doubled my intake of cucumber noodles to 2 cups and also included a Grissini Stick today… Bang on 500cal now. Still undecided if I need the bread-stick… I’ll let you know tomorrow 🙂

Here’s to the HCG diet 🙂 Yay….


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