My Top Ten Tips On Surviving The First Week On HCG Phase 2.

First WeekI’m not going to lie to you the first week of P2 is full of ups, downs, hunger, sleep loss and mental battles… It’s not easy.

My first 3 attempts many years ago, I loaded fine each time… easy… but come P2D2 or D3 I caved each and every time. I thought at the time this diet sucks, it’s way too hard, how can anyone do this???I put the drops in the fridge and left them. 6 months later my mum and Auntie started to do the HCG diet and they both said to me to do it again. I was so overweight about 118kg at the time and I knew that I had to change my life, my weight and quit smoking.

So I set a date, I went to the Dr and got a prescription to help with the stop smoking… My other half said you’re doing that… diet again…. Your just going to load and stop… gain more weight.. Well I didn’t, I did a 30 day round, lost 20kg and stopped smoking after a 16 year addiction.

These are my top ten tips as to why I got through the first week finally and what I still do now 2 years later into my second round of the year…

1. You need support people. If you are wanting to cave, feeling low , don’t think you can do it. You need to be able to talk to someone and preferably someone that’s either doing it or done the diet in the past. People who haven’t just don’t understand it.
2. Have a goal to focus on way in the future – E.g. mine first time was that I wanted to get rid of as much weight as possible for a wedding I was attending in 6 months’ time. Mine now is to be a size 10 come Christmas so I can show off to all 🙂
3. Take each minute, hour, day as it comes, keep talking to yourself, keep telling yourself just make it through the first 7 days and it will be easier after that… I promise it will… You can do anything for 7 days.
4. Be prepared with:

  • Kitchen Scales
  • Bathroom Scales
  • – Spices and Herbs
  • – Protein required for the first 7 days’ worth of meals, all weighed raw at 100g and frozen
  • – A meal plan or a rough idea on what you are going to eat for that first week

5. Have something visual to help, I’ve written out some sayings, I’ve put up sticky notes for each day and I remove at night once the day has finished, I’ve also got a tick off sheet for each 1kg that I get rid of.. (not lose as I don’t want to find it again)
6. If you are having trouble with too much hunger check your dose as it might be off. I take my HCG drops 6×5 drops daily instead of 3×10 drops as recommended. So have a play with dose, check with who you purchase your HCG off. Also you will have to learn the difference between starving hunger and feeling empty… there is a difference. To help with feeling mild hunger and being empty you could try the following:

  • – Lots of herbal tea
  • – Drink lots of water (I’m about 2 litres a day)
  • Yerba Mate Tea (this helps with hunger)


7. If you’re having trouble with not sleeping, cravings, feeling moody the following supplements are recommended:

  • Magnesium (also great to help with bathroom movements, you tend to not go for a few days or more on this diet… drink water too it helps) Helps with cravings, helps promote better sleep, can aid in weight loss as apparently if you are deficient it can case weight gain! It helps digest, absorb and utilise proteins, carbs and fats!
  • Vitamin B Complex – Promotes energy helps with mood swings, helps in the function of metabolism and weight loss.
  • MSM (helps with skin, nails, hair and sagging skin)


I purchase all of my supplements now via it’s great and so much cheaper than buying stuff from my local health shop. If your a first time shopper use the code BJC791 at checkout to get a discount.

8. Spread your meals out during the day,
For Example:

  • Breakfast: Coffee
  • Snack: ½ cup strawberries
  • Lunch: Protein and veg of choice
  • Snack: ½ cup strawberries and herbal tea
  • Dinner: Protein and veg of choice
  • Snack: Apple and herbal tea


  • Breakfast: ½ cup strawberries and coffee
  • Snack: Spinach Chips
  • Lunch: Protein and Spinach Salad
  • Snack: ½ cup strawberries
  • Dinner: Protein and veg of choice
  • Snack: Apple

Spinach Chips 2

9. Go to bed early, this not only promotes better weight loss but stops you craving and snacking at nights…
10. Get some fresh air… I’m not saying for a 5km walk or run but go out for 20/30 min and do a nice easy walk… It helps keep refreshed and clear-headed
Hope these ten tips for surviving the first week help but if I’ve missed something or you have any questions please comment below…

Good luck, breathe and remember just need to survive the first 7 days and it gets easier… I promise!

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