Loading Day 2

HCG Day 2 LoadingDay 2 of loading.Nothing really to report except a weight gain of 1.3kg… wow, must have eaten quite a bit yesterday! Last day of loading for me. Some people load for 3 days and others 2, think it depends on what actual HCG you are using and their recommendations.

Its funny, today the ugly voice inside my head has really sparked up, creating quite bit of fear about being on P2 tomorrow. Silly I know and I keep telling myself that I’ve done it before and it was great this time will be as well. Will worry about this tomorrow…back to today.

Today I feel like I’ve eaten and eaten. Feeling very full at the moment and I still have dinner and maybe dessert to eat, OK not maybe will definitely be having dessert.

So far I’ve loaded on – Hot Cross buns again with natural butter, peanut butter by the spoonful, I made baked Avocado and Eggs, recipe here, Easter eggs, fish and chips, protein shake (had frozen banana’s, almond milk, protein powder, coconut oil chocolate fudge, frozen spinach, Chia seeds) 3 coffee’s. Tonight we having homemade pizza with loads of cheese and salami with ice-cream to follow it up.

That’s it from me today catch you all tomorrow,

Cheers Sam

P.S I’m baby wearing in my photo… love it as it allows me to get my work done 🙂

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