I’ve Published My First Book… Ever…

hcgdietnz_How_to_do_the_HCG_DietI’m a tad bit nervous… I’ve published my first book ever and I hope I don’t get horrible reviews!

I don’t mind reviews that give me some advice as lets face it I’m sure there are some errors in the book that could do with being fixed up. I wish I was great with my writing, language and punctuation skills but I’m not. I do however think the context of the book is probably more important.

So why have I written a book?

After doing quite a bit of research over the last wee while it has come to my attention that people are still after more detailed information, lists, guides and a buddy when doing the HCG diet.. Hence this book and books ideas to come were born.

The first book in my series of three, talks about HCG phase 1, clean loading, lists of foods to eat and foods to avoid and also a few recipes. Hopefully it will help people to understand the importance of loading and answer any questions they have regarding this very important phase.

I will have two more books coming out in this series, book two will be out by Christmas and book three early in the new year.

Head on over Amazon Kindle and have a look… How To Do The HCG Diet Phase 1 Only $2.99 what a bargain 🙂

Like I said above, feedback is most welcomed.


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