Iced Coffee – HCG Phase 2 Recipe

Iced Coffee  So I will admit I didn’t come up with this myself just slightly tweaked an Iced coffee recipe I came across when I was looking at Pinterest, it’s a perfect HCG phase 2 recipe and you can have as much as you want to!It is seriously good, didn’t think it was going to be but it actually did taste like an sweet iced coffee and I will be having one each day… Maybe more if I buy some decaf coffee!

Ingredients –

  • 1 cup of cold plunger coffee
  • 6 drops of Chocolate Stevia
  • 6 drops of Vanilla Creme Stevia
  • If you use or have an allowance of milk left you could use it in here too  but I don’t drink milk whilst on HCG.

Method –

  1. I made a plunger coffee brew last night and left it on the bench over night.
  2. Next morning I plunged the coffee and placed in the fridge for a few hours.
  3. Place a few ice-cubes into a tall glass
  4. Pour in coffee, add the Stevia drops
  5. Mix… Enjoy.
  6. If you used the milk you could add at the end as well.

Reckon this would be delicious whizzed up too so that the ice was broken down into a Frappuccino type thing 🙂

Again this is good… Try it.. And if you want to see the recipe I got it from head over to DIYHCG.COM ( they used slightly less Stevia and English Toffee instead

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