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HCG helpful resources1 This diet isn’t as straight forward as do this or that to achieve your goal, there are lots to it and I’m certainly learning and will continue to learn all throughout my journey I’m sure. I’ll be looking for answers along the way and if I come across any resources that might be useful for you I will share here. These could be HCG forums, blogs, websites, groups, info pages anything that has helped me  🙂 If  you have found something that is helpful for others please comment and I’ll add to the page.


HCG Diet Info – this really is a fantastic resource, one of the best I have found doing the HCG diet. Just about any question you have is answered on here or if not the community is more than happy to answer. It’s also not a product pusher, just full of helpful info and advice. I would highly recommend you visiting and joining up to this forum if you are on HCG. You can also create a profile, blog’s, have a buddy etc..


HCGChica – You’ve probably found this site by now if you have typed any questions into Google about the HCG diet. Seems that HCGChica has done the journey and has had loads of experience. Think she’s lost about 50 pounds and maintained it. Have a read through, some really useful info here.

 Facebook Groups: (other than the one I admin)

HCG Diet Support – This one is great to join as you pick up lots of information and get to have a chat with others, has quite a large number of group members. It has been created by Miracle Skinny Drops so bit of product pushing but don’t get me wrong still a good group to join. There are plenty of people in there that aren’t taking these drops, like myself. They also allow Coconut oil but it’s not protocol.

HCG Protocol Group Australia – This group will only accept people living in Australia and New Zealand so if you do, I’d definitely recommend joining this group. People on here are very happy and friendly, admin is great.No product pushing, just helpful advice. I was even able to discuss my blog on there 🙂 Yay.


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    […] break from the same old foods whilst doing the HCG phase 2 diet. The original recipe came from the Miracle Skinny Group on FaceBook, which only had eggs, cocoa powder and powdered Stevia. Here’s my […]

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