HCG Round 3 Phase 2 Day 10… Is It Easier???

RingYour mind is a funny thing, this is my conversation I’m having with myself today:

We will call them Voice of Doom, Voice of Reason and Voice of Goals/Dreams.

Here it goes:

Voice of Doom – I hate HCG, why am I doing it… It sucks.

Voice of Reason – you are doing it because you want to lose weight, you know you will feel good about it soon, it’s only 36 days, it’s not for long.

Voice of Doom – but I’m hungry, I’ve lost so much already, why can’t I just stop and have a break, I hate HCG, I hate not eating, I won’t be able to keep all the weight off, I hate being fat.

Voice of Reason – you are doing it because you want to lose weight, you will feel good about it soon, you’ve done it before, you can do it again.

Voice of Goals/Dreams – I am going to be a size 10 and 70kg by Christmas that’s why…

Voice of Doom – it’s not going to happen, it’s too hard, just stop. I hate HCG.

Voice of Reason – You know you will be happy once this phase has stopped and you will see the results, you know you actually really do love HCG, it’s hard I understand but you can’t quit.

Voice of Goals & Dreams – please don’t listen to the Voice of Doom, it will be OK I want to achieve my goals, my goal to not be the fat girl anymore is important, you are important, listen to your goals.

Voice of Reason – It’s only a short time, you can do this, you are important and worthy, HCG is amazing and easy to do, just follow the principals it works, you get to have eggs tomorrow.

Voice of Doom – it sucks… I suck…being fat sucks, losing the weight sucks… why did I do it, why did I do this to myself, wahhhh…

Voice of ReasonSoon you will be where you want to be, you just must not quit.

This conversation I’m sure will continue in my head today and possibly for the next 26 days until I finish Phase 2. I would like to stop the Voice of Doom from speaking but it’s hard to shut it down, these thoughts just keep popping up and I have to keep reasoning with it. I’m just lucky that I have made a decision for once an all and have decided that the only voice that is going to win is the voice of Goals and Dreams, this is the voice that I am listening to and take note of what it wants and what it is saying. The Voice of Reason helps me to achieve the Voice of Goals and Dreams by shutting down that Voice of Doom and counteracting what this voice is trying to get me to do.

The Voice of Goals and Dreams is going to be the overall winner, there is no other option or path that I am taking.

I would love to tell you that I’m onto round 3 for this year and it’s a breeze, phase 2 is so totally easy now for me but I’m sorry it’s not and probably never will be. It takes every ounce of commitment, once you know the rules it’s easy to follow and the results will come but it’s the mental battle that you will need to face each and every day like myself, this mental battle never ends but I know what voice I am going to listen too for now and for ever, how about you?


  • Breakfast: Bulletproof Coffee
  • Snack – Strawberry and Spinach smoothie made with my awesome NutriBullet (I truly love this machine)
  • Lunch – Spinach with lemon chicken and a lemon, apple cider vinegar sauce
  • Snack – Spinach chips and a peppermint tea with Chocolate Stevia
  • Dinner – Mince curry
  • Snack – Apples and Chocolate

P.S I’ve gotten rid of another 4.7kg in 9 weigh-ins… YAY.

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