HCG Phase 3 Day 3 – Down Below My 2 Pound Window Eek…

I’m honestly trying to eat all that I need to be eating, last three days I’ve eaten just about 1900cal but still loosing weight… Lost another 300g today.I’m officially 1.1kg/2.4 pounds below my LDW. Yesterday and the day before was fine, a stall at 800g/1.76 pounds below LDW but today I woke up to a 300g/.66pound loss… Don’t know why but I do know that I need to fix this, I don’t want to be losing weight, I want to be stable within the 2pound window, this round has to work.

Today I’m going to up my calories to 2000 and see how that goes, I’ve also introduced coconut cream today but only a small amount. If I lose or stall tomorrow I might start adding in nuts or dairy and see what that does. I honestly didn’t think I’d have this issue, thought it would be the other way and I’d be gaining and freaking out about doing a steak day.. Amazing how much fat you can have if you’re not having many carbs, dairy or sugar.

My total intake of fat vs carbs vs protein for the last three days has been :


Ignore my goal for carbs/fats and protein, I don’t follow that, I’m just trying to get my calories up to my target that is all. Not easy to get them up with just protein and veg so I’ve included so many different fats – Coconut Oil, Ghee, Olive Oil, Sesame Oil and Cacao Butter. (I make Cacao chocolate, it helps) and I only have 1 piece of fruit at the moment which is an apple. I eat this at night as a dessert with melted chocolate on top.

Any other ideas? I will report in tomorrow with hopefully a small gain to get me back in the window.

Recipe for Chocolate to come…. 🙂


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