HCG Phase 2 Day 23 – I’m Saying No To Coconut Oil in P2.

Wake up  Big sob… It was bound to happen I know it was, was hoping for a stall vs a gain and I’ve had two gains in the last two days… Sob sob…

I’m going to blame Coconut Oil, I do understand that it might not be the culprit, as you don’t lose weight every day whilst on protocol but I’m blaming it. If you have read/watched HCG P2D20/21 you will have seen that I have started to oil pull with coconut oil as my teeth and gums are so bad and sore, have dentist appt tomorrow thank goodness.

So anyway I decided since I was oil pulling I might as well use 2 tablespoons of coconut oil that is allowed in some program’s of the HCG diet, however it is not protocol… Only what is listed in Pounds and Inches is protocol. Some forums/programs/groups allow it as they class the oil as a supplement and don’t include it as part of your daily calorie allowance, it’s like a free food and great if you can have it!

Oil Pulling

Their reasoning is that the way Coconut oil is metabolized in the body, 60% of coconut oil is MCT  (Medium Chain Triglycerides). MCT is from my understanding beneficial for us in that it is meant to be burned as energy a lot quicker than LCT (long-chain triglycerides) they go straight from the stomach to the liver to be used as energy which means that it could increase your metabolism, energy used straight away, helps with hunger, not stored as fat, helps with weight-loss which is what we are aiming for and oh such a good thing… BUT what gets me is that Coconut oil is only 60% MCT … What about the other 40% which is the fats Dr Simon has told us to avoid?

Having the CO also messes with my head, it has been last few days right from when I first started taking it. I kept thinking what happens if I gain, this doesn’t feel right to be taking it… I have enough going on in my head at the moment without adding to it. Fair enough it might not be the oil but what if it is… If it’s not the oil and I continue taking it, am I getting the losses I should be if I wasn’t taking it, it’s not Protocol am I going to be able to stabilize?… See too many thoughts!

So my advice to you is do your own research, try it if you want but just be wary that it could cause a gain/stall and not stabilize in P3 or you could have it fine and everything’s perfect and rosy… I’m going to leave it for P3 from now on. I will however continue to oil pull as this really does help me from having to have pain relief at the moment and I don’t need to do it every day to be affective.  What do you reckon to use or not in P2?

Coconut Oil For Beginners

Today’s menu:

  • Breakfast – Coffee
  • Lunch – Spinach and roasted chicken with a mustard dressing
  • Snack – Spinach and orange slushy, sweetened with Vanilla Creme Stevia
  • Dinner- Chilli Beef without the chilli as it hurts my gums 🙁
  • Snack – maybe an apple.

Fingers crossed for a loss tomorrow!

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  1. May 4, 2015

    […] Last week was mentally hard and quite a disappointing week for losses but still good for measurements, It’s hard when your not seeing the results on the scales. I have a feeling big part of mine was having Coconut Oil, which isn’t protocol it’s Rogue regardless of where you see that it is fine to have… Have it by all means but just be weary you might have an issue with it like I did. Read about it here. […]

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