HCG Phase 2 Day 1 – Mantra…

HCG P2D1  2 Days of loading done and dusted with a 1.3kg weight gain overall.Not too bad I reckon considering how much I ate, by the end of yesterday I had bit of an upset stomach from all the fat I had eaten over the two days. To be honest still have bit of crook stomach today as well.

First day of HCG Phase 2 and I woke with the thoughts of what I’m going to be doing, what I can’t and can eat, do I really want to do this again, am I going to be able too? Then a mantra popped into my head.

Something I’ve honestly not thought about since last time I was doing HCG and it is “Nothing changes unless I change it“. I love this Mantra and it is so true in every aspect of your life. If you aren’t happy with something, then change it or else nothing will change unless you do. Might be a small change that sets off a massive chain reaction.  Doing the HCG diet did for me last time, I quit smoking, started running, went on a massive holiday and enjoyed swimming in public, confidence soared, money got better, life just seemed to get better in general. I’m looking forward to this ripple effect to happen again. Change is good, the HCG Diet is good.

So this morning seemed to fly by for me, didn’t even have time for my apple by the time I got up, dealt with the kids, dropped one off to Daycare and went for my walk it was lunch time… But this afternoon has dragged and thoughts of I’m hungry and want to eat have crept in. Clock watching has started, boredom has set in  and so I’m on here posting away, reading stuff, face-booking and drinking my bottle of water and hoping that the hunger will go away. The first week is the hardest… Day by day, I must remember that, I must also remember to keep taking my drops.. I keep forgetting! 6×5 drops a day is hard to remember until routine sets in.

My food for today looks like this –

Morning – Nothing but a cup of black coffee and water

Lunch – Sweet Chilli, Chicken and onions plus another cup of black coffee

Afternoon Snack – Apple & Sparkling water sweetened with Stevia and lemon juice

Dinner will be – Chilli Beef Mince (I ate this every night last time I did HCG, Recipe to follow)

Dessert – Apple if I want too

You will see above that I’ve not had any Grissini nor Melba Toast.  This is just personal preference as I try and stay away from Gluten, last HCG when I was feeling like a cheat I would then have a Grissini stick and it helped. I don’t replace this either, there is no need too as per pounds and inches.

Signing out for now… Off to eat my Apple 🙂 tummy is rumbling…


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