HCG phase 2… Back for another round.

R3P1D2 2nd August 2015  In an ideal world you wouldn’t put too much expectation of results when doing the HCG diet as each round is different, weight loss is different, each person is different and body shape changes differently, you can’t expect the same results round after round either. I do think that I’d like to have no or limited expectations when doing the HCG diet then there would be no chance of disappointment and only happiness as each pound drops.



But let’s be honest most of us do have some sort of expectation each round of what we would like to achieve and this round is no different for me…

I won’t even say it’s a small or a limited expectation as it’s not… but it is what I’m hoping for and no matter what I’m sure I will be happy at the end of the round, as it’s good to have a goal but to know and accept that the goals might change when on the HCG journey and that 99% of the time you will feel amazing satisfaction after completing phase 2.

Last round I didn’t achieve what I wanted to but was I unhappy, sad about it, did I say this sucks, it doesn’t work???

No it was the complete opposite, I was very happy with the round, happy that I was another 7 odd kg down and that I was fitting comfortably into a size 16 pants, happy that I understood what was working for my body and happy that I stabilized easy and then started to re-introduce foods and kept the weight off. Big hooray. I understood that even though I didn’t reach my goal that round I still was one step closer to my overall goal and that is what matters to me the most.

So maybe it’s not you can’t have expectations of a round but instead that you are willing to change those expectations as you progress on your weight loss journey after all as I mentioned above it’s the overall goal that really matters and you by doing the HCG diet are getting one step closer each and every day… Keep at it and before you know it you will be there and I will be too!

My goal this round is : I would like to be 89.9kg or less the lightest I’ve been in about 14 years and to also be a size 14…This would be amazing.

Just a recap so far:

Round: 3rd for this year planning to do 36 days with a small hiccup towards the end (have a work event)

Current weight after loading: 100.6KG (gained 2.2kg for 3 days loading)

Starting weight originally in April after loading was: 119.5KG

Total weight gone for good: 18.9kg

Total CM’s gone for good: 106cm

Clothes originally: size 24 pants & possibly same top size.

Clothes now: size 16 pants and 14/16 tops

Overall Goal: 70kg & a size 10 or less

Goal this round: 89.9kg

On the menu today is:

  • Morning – Bulletproof Coffee
  • Snack – Strawberry Smoothie (this is made with my amazing new kitchen gadget, NutriBullet… No more lumps for me! Totally worth the money)

Strawberry Smoothie

  • Lunch – Cucumber noodles, Coconut Aminos and Baked Chicken
  • Snack – Peppermint Tea with chocolate Stevia
  • Dinner- Mince Chilli
  • Snack – Apple and Chocolate

Here’s to starting Phase 2 again and having another successful round no matter what the scales say…

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