HCG Phase 1,2,3 & 4

coconut-oil-1024x682  Phase 1 – The loading days –

Loading days can be anywhere from 2-3 days depending on what drops/injections or pellets you are using and their recommendations.

These are the days where you are “loading up” and “gorging” on food. Eating as much and the most fattening foods you can all day until you  are stuffed to the brim and can’t eat anymore.  I’d recommend eating good healthy fats for the majority of the day, think Avocados, eggs, butter, coconut oil, full cream, natural full fat yoghurt, good quality full fat proteins and avoid too much sugar. Expect to gain wait during this phase, I’ve heard that some people actually do loose weight during this period but not the majority. Reason you are loading is to keep you sustained for the first week and the HCG working in your body properly.

500  Phase 2 – The very low calorie period –

VLC can last anywhere from 21-37/38 (depends how many days you load) days depending on how much weight you want to loose and how much you want to do the diet for. This is a personal preference. A round shouldn’t go more than 40 days taking the drops/injections or pellets this includes loading days. Once you stop the hormone you then do 3 days same LCD until all the hormone has left your system.

Eg minimum round would be 23 days taking hormones (if load for 2 days) then 3 days VLC without hormone = 26 days. Longest round would be 40 days taking hormone (including load days) and 3 days not = 43 days.

This is the low calorie phase of eating only 500 calories per day and made up of only certain foods as per protocol.  This is the hard part but to be completely honest if you can just get through the first week you will be right, it’s easy sailing going forward. It’s a mental game as the hunger isn’t a problem and if you are like me, I am an emotional eater so this is constant battle when doing HCG. The rewards are fantastic if you can just stick with it.


Sugar  Phase 3 – Maintenance –

This period lasts for 21 days or 3 weeks and is very important.

Phase 3 is when you need to start very slowly introducing foods, all foods except  no sugars, starches and artificial sweeteners. You will have to slowly increase your food intake and continue to weigh yourself so that you maintain your new lower weight. I found that eating cream affected the scales quite badly so I had to do a couple of correction days. Will be interesting to see if it does the same thing this time round.



Phase 4  Phase 4 – Stabilized/waiting for next round/living life –

As the title says this is life, you should have introduced most foods back and have maintained your P2 weight within a couple of pounds. This is the stage where you can introduce back sugars, starches and artificial sweeteners if you want to. Also this phase you must stay in until you are able to another HCG round as your body can become immune to HCG-


  • 3 Weeks after the first round
  • 5 Weeks after the second round
  • 9 Weeks after the third and any more rounds.


As always let me know any questions or comments.