HCG P2D37 – To Extend A 40 Day Round, That Is the Question…

10th May 2015  I’m super excited at the moment,  the weight has just been dropping off me over the last 6 days, I feel like I’m in week one again!

A record 2.4KG/5.29 pounds to be exact! So happy I didn’t quit last week like I was going to, was a real mental battle. Trust me if you are struggling, just stay on task, stay POP and it works out it really does, hard when your in the middle of it and not getting any results, I know, I had one week where I lost only 1.1kg and started thinking I can do this without the HCG diet, then last week I had stalls and was thinking I’ve only got so many days left, never going to get to my 15KG goal this round…. But guess what? I didn’t quit, I continued, I used a little game in my head saying if I stall or gain I’ll stop… I didn’t stall or gain and here I am another 2.4KG gone, gone forever. And I’m pretty much there at my goal of 15kg this round, 800g off … That’s nothing. I trusted the process and it worked.. It really does, no other diet has ever worked for me, nothing.

I Don’t know why the losses have become so fast and huge again but I’m not complaining, I’ll take it that’s for sure. The battle I’m facing now is that Protocol states that the max length is a 40 day round of taking HCG. I’m officially 37 days on VLCD and 39 days taking the drops so realistically only have 1 day left on drops that I can do. I have been reading up on forums and groups and some people will push out their rounds if they are feeling up to it, sometimes as long as 60 days.

I so very much would like to continue taking the drops until I either gain/stall but I think my body is ready to change and for so long I’ve not listened when my body is talking to me.

  • I’m feeling more hungry each day
  • I feel the urge to cheat more
  • I’m craving fats
  • I want to start another round in 3 weeks (roughly)
  • I’m more tired again, energy is bit low.

Reasons why I want to continue –

  • To get rid of the weight as fast as possible.
  • Its easier to do P2 than P3

But you know what? I have to remember that this journey is a marathon not a sprint. If I try and shape the rules to suit me I will be in this situation again in a year, 2 years,10 years time. I need to listen to my body and stop P2, do 72 hours on 500cal and start P3… This is what my gut is saying… So why am I still struggling with stopping? The voice inside my head is greedy and wants the weight to be gone today… It’s not going to be.. It’s going to take a few more rounds that’s for sure. It’s scary stopping P2, it’s so strict and you have rules to follow, P3 is only no sugar, no starches… Feel bit left on your own so it’s scary, it’s scary not seeing the numbers drop on your scales…

I’m going to stop… I am… today’s my last day on drops so I can eat P3 on the weekend… Unless the scales give a massive drop… then I don’t know what I’ll do… Until tomorrow 🙂

Orange Chicken and Cucumber Noodles


  • Breakfast- Black Coffee – I am so very much craving a Flat White…
  • Lunch – Orange, Chicken and Cucumber Noodles & Iced Coffee
  • Snack – Peppermint Tea with Chocolate Stevia – I crave this… must have it every afternoon.
  • Dinner – Beef, Spinach Chilli
  • Snack – Apples, Raw Cacao and Chocolate Stevia.

Noodle Maker – It’s awesome! Read my Spiralizer Review if your thinking of getting one.

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