HCG P2D34&35 – NSV- I Can See The Difference

10th May 2015 A massive x2 NSV have happened this week and it finally makes me feel that this round has been worth it. I’ve even been excited over the weekend. Think I had the Whoosh that people talk about! Firstly on Saturday I was able to put on and do up a pair of size 18 pants! I had tried a few days earlier and could only just button up but definitely couldn’t zip up! I even wore the jeans on Saturday… Bit of a muffin top going on but I was proud.

Secondly I just matched my photo’s up and updated here, wow I can actually see the difference now and in my pants it’s amazing, the back photo especially as you can see how baggy the pants are! I have also gone from not being able to zip these up to being able to pull them off done up! Ahh..MAZzzzING…

Light is now at the end of the tunnel, survived a family dinner for mother’s day and I know next weekend P3 will be here… Fats here I come!



  • Breakfast – Coffee
  • Snack – Iced Coffee with Chocolate Stevia and Vanilla Creme Stevia
  • Lunch – Orange, Chicken, Cucumber Noodles
  • Snack – Peppermint Tea
  • Dinner- Spinach and Mince Chilli
  • Snack – Apple with Raw Cacao and Stevia, cooked in Microwave for a couple of minutes… YUM

Oh I did have a minor cheat the last two days… I brought a Dehydrator and made some complaint Venison jerky… I only had about 4 very small pieces each day but boy it was super good and looking forward to having it in P3!


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