HCG P2D20 & 21 – Half Way… Yay.

P2D20 I’m sure 40 days in non HCG land goes by in a blink of an eye… But when you are solely focused on scales (you need a decent bathroom scale trust me), food and countdowns of weight and days it seems to drag by. When the 40 days are up I will probably think, wow that went fast, how soon can I do my next round but when your stuck in it, the time seems to drag and all I want is for the time to be up.

As of today I’m now under 110kg just, 109.8kg to be exact and I’m super happy with that. I’ve updated my stats, photos and completed a YouTube video of how my week was last week, taking supplements to help with mood and Coconut oil to help with my teeth.

I’m gonna test out for the next 20 days how my body reacts with Coconut oil whilst on P2… Now this isn’t Protocol so please do your research before taking. I’ve read both sides of the fence, some people do really well with it and loose quicker an stabilize fine whilst others gain, stall and don’t stabilize. Oil pulling really helps with my teeth and gums so until I’ve seen the dentist, I will continue with the pulling no matter what. If the scales start showing the wrong things I will drop taking coconut oil in my foods of 2 Tablespoons per day and just pull. Will see, I’m really hoping I can continue with it as it makes amazing coconut crack! (Coconut oil, Stevia and Organic Cacao powder, mixed and put in freezer… YUM)


  • Breaky – Black Coffee and also a Lemon hot drink
  • Lunch – Cucumber salad and roasted chicken
  • Snack – Apple or Orange Slushy
  • Dinner – Chilli Beef and Tomato minus the chilli as it hurts my teeth. 🙁
  • And some Coconut Crack….

19 more days to go!! Wahoo.


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  1. April 29, 2015

    […] loose weight every day whilst on protocol but I’m blaming it. If you have read/watched HCG P2D20/21 you will have seen that I have started to oil pull with coconut oil as my teeth and gums are sooo […]

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