HCG P2D2 – Feeling Sick…

P2D2 feeling blahHCG P2D2 Day two has arrived and still feeling off…Last night I didn’t end up eating my second apple as was feeling bit lousy so went to bed early, ended up having a terrible nights sleep and still feeling off today. Sick in the stomach and head-achy. Have also had lots of toilet stops if you get what I mean. Body must be undergoing some serious detoxing! I’m drinking lots to see if it helps and think it sort of is.

On a good note weigh in this morning was good 900g/1.98 pound loss so have another 400g to go to reach pre-loading weight. Happy with this as didn’t think I was going to loose anything. I learned a trick last time doing HCG, which is if you weigh yourself the night before after dinner and you are still the same weight or lower than the mornings weigh in then it means a loss next morning for you. Well last night an hour after dinner I was heavier than this morning at 120.5kg so thought for sure I wasn’t going to loose and possibly gain! But I did, very nice surprise… going to stop weighing at night now becomes bit obsessive.

Food for today –

  • Breakfast – Black Coffee
  • Snack – Half an English Toffee Apple – Recipe to follow
  • Lunch – Sweet and sour chicken & cabbage – Recipe to follow
  • Snack – Half an English Toffee Apple
  • Dinner will be – Tomato and ground beef chilli – Recipe to follow
  • Dessert – Frozen Chocolate Apple – If I’m feeling up to it. – Recipe to follow

That’s all from me today 🙂


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