HCG P2D16 – I Gained….

Me feeling happy  Well it was bound to happen I guess either a stall or a gain.I would have preferred a stall but a gain it was of 500g/1.1 pounds. I’ve not done anything differently diet wise nor drinking wise and can only think it maybe the late nights and the missed meal I had with my sick wee boy. Maybe it’s catching up on me now? If this was the first time doing the diet I would be stressing out over it but I’m not and if it happens to you, don’t as well. Trust the process the ups, downs, stalls are all a part of the Protocol… Even though you might see or not see a movement in the scale you are also loosing inches too, hence the protocol being called Pounds and Inches.

If it does happen to you and your thinking of cheating or stopping… Don’t. Look at the big picture, how much weight have you lost overall vs amount of days you have been doing the diet? How many CM or Inches have you lost? Do your clothes feel different. Write all this down, or use an app or two, I do and it helps, it really does. I have lost an average of 500g/1.1 pound per day which is slightly more than the expected weight loss to be and what other diet allows you to lose 7.9kg/17.4 pounds in 15 weigh-ins? None that I’m aware of.

Helpful Apps -  My Fitness Pal and My Weight.

Helpful Apps –
My Fitness Pal and My Weight.

You might be wondering what the average weight-loss is on the HCG diet? Well for woman it is .5 to .75 pounds per day and men generally more at 1 pound per day. Some day’s you will lose 1,2 or even 3 pounds and some days nothing or gain.. It seems to even out and remember the heavier you are the more weight you are going to lose, the closer you are to your ideal weight the slower it will be and possibly less you will lose. I have also read forums where some woman aren’t seeing it on the scales but are dropping clothe sizes! Deep breath day by day, look at the overall picture.

Today’s menu:

  • Breaky – Black Coffee
  • Snack – Maybe an Apple
  • Lunch – Dirty rice (Cabbage and beef) or Eggs and Cabbage. I’m undecided.
  • Snack – Frozen orange sorbet type of thing
  • Dinner – Chicken and Cucumber salad.
  • Dessert – Herbal Tea

By the way I am feeling fantastic and hope you are too 😉 until next time with hopefully a loss!


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