HCG P2 39 Days Done…

18.5I made it… 39 days of HCG done and dusted for my first round of phase 2… (I’m not going to count the previous rounds back in 2013/14, too long ago and weren’t done correctly)… I’m so happy I completed it and can’t wait for the next round in about 3.5 weeks 🙂Check out my stats page and before and after photos, reckon I can even see the differences now! I’m excited to start my next round too… Can’t wait to get under 100kg again. I am never going to be above 100kg again, ever… I hate it.

Second day of P3 here and I’ll be honest it’s bit scary… I really don’t want to see these scales go up… They won’t or shouldn’t if I don’t introduce foods too quick or cheat… I’m trying to eat a whole 1900 calories and it’s hard!

If you want to calculate how much you need to eat to maintain your LDW head on over to Calorie King, put in your info of height, weight and age, say that you are sedentary and click on the maintain button to see how many calories… Screen shot for you below.

Calorie King

If your going onto P3 and unsure about meals here’s what I’ve been having so far:


HCG P3 Sample MenuToday:

Today's MenuSo as you can see loads of oils and fats 🙂 Going to add in Coconut Cream tomorrow and see how I go 🙂 I pray the scales are good to me!


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