HCG Diet – Phase 2 Day 7 – Life is great…

Stormy Day 7Well it’s day 7, one week down, 5.5 weeks to go and I’m grumpy…Grumpy cause I’ve still got a slight headache, grumpy cause winters coming and it’s wet and cold, grumpy because I can’t eat to make me feel better, grumpy because I’ve only done one week and have so many more to go, grumpy because the kids aren’t doing what I want them to do(I’m stupid thinking like this), grumpy because I have to have chicken again for lunch, grumpy because I didn’t quite loose a pound, grumpy just because I’m grumpy and feeling sorry for myself. I’ve a right to be grumpy don’t I when doing this oh so hard HCG diet, all the sacrificing that I am doing?

Well that’s what I was thinking and what I was like this morning until I went to the local supermarket… don’t get me wrong I was still grumpy in the supermarket, cursing the slow people walking around, cursing the people who blocked my path, cursing the people who wanted to stop and look at the same stuff I was… A dark cloud I was until I got to the check out and the young check out guy asked me how I was…

I said the usual “good thank you” and thought I should ask him as well… I did and he said to me “I’m fantastic having a really awesome day…” I wondered if he was taking the mickey out of me due to my dark cloud aurora but then I actually looked at him and he was looking extremely happy. I said that’s great your feeling like that… He then proceeded to tell me that this is the way he feels every day and tells anyone who asks him, he said his work mates get sick of him but he thinks the more he says it the truer it is for him and makes him feel that his life and the moment he is living in right now is truly fantastic… Made me start to feel small and stupid for the dark cloud that’s been hanging over me all morning and all over my house and kids…

On the way home I’ve had a good think about me and mine and have decided that I have made my body this way by my choices, it is also my choice to be doing HCG diet nobody else is forcing me to do it. I can stop anytime, my family do not need to bear the brunt of me and me feeling sorry for myself… Really what do I have to feel sorry about? I’ve found a fantastic diet that lets you loose the weight and loose it very fast, I’ve got a roof over my head, two children and a husband that I love very much, a job,  so what if I can’t have what everyone else is having at the moment… It’s not for a long time but for a short time and I just have to remember this. End results… Focus… I’m fantastic, this diet is fantastic, life is fantastic… And thank you to the supermarket guy 🙂

Today’s loss – 400g or .88 pounds

Whats on the menu?

  • Breakfast – black coffee
  • Snack – nothing today
  • Lunch – Sour chicken and radish soup with some radish chips in the oven at the moment… I hope
  • Snack – Apple with chocolate Stevia drops – this is sooo YUM!
  • Dinner- Chilli tomato mince
  • Dessert – cup of herbal tea and maybe another apple… maybe…

Sweetleaf Stevia Chocolate

Have a fantastic day, catch you next time 🙂



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