HCG Diet – Phase 2 Day 11 – Just My Update…

Smokey Eggs 2  I had eggs for the first time yesterday being on P2 and they didn’t make me gain or stall, in fact a nice wee 400g loss happened. I’ll post the recipe for Smokey Eggs and Cabbage later today.Headache still here and TOM has gone… random I know! Going to try a Cali Kicker today to try and detox a wee bit see if I can shift the headache. I’m not one who usually gets them.. Just a dull ache but still a pain in the neck.

Very happy with my losses so far, I’m just over the pound average which is good.  Super happy that quarter of my journey is now here… I’m quarter of the way through… Only 3/4 to go.. 29 days to go including the days without drops… That’s not long is it??

NSV… I’ve been trying on some pants that I wore early pregnancy and pre-pregnancy and can get these over my rear end now, not close to zipping up but still a small happy dance. (I did try these on at the start of week and couldn’t get over the rear so just goes to show how quickly those inches drop!)

Menu today:

  • Breaky – Coffee
  • Snack – Iced Coffee
  • Lunch – Chicken and Cucumber Noodles
  • Snack – Peppermint Tea with Chocolate Stevia, Apple
  • Dinner- Chilli Beef Mince
  • Dessert – Pavlova Herbal Tea

Again happy I can have eggs… Not going to have every day but probably few times a week. It is protocol for those who get an aversion to meat… I can’t do fish whilst on P2, makes me stall as I found out from previous rounds so it’s real nice to be able to have eggs. If your wondering how many you can have as a protein serve it’s 3 egg whites and 1 whole egg… These must be consumed together to count as one whole protein.

Off to try and do my Garmin fitness steps 🙂 Later.

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