HCG Diet – Phase 2 Day 10 – TOM…

Your doing greatHowdy folks this post might be too much if your a bloke, I know how most of you get when woman problems are discussed, come back tomorrow if you want ๐Ÿ™‚Well day 10 here with a little 100g loss and it seems TOM has arrived… again as well as a headache…Told you on one of my posts that I would share the great, good, bad and ugly!

I’m not to sure what is going on or quite what to do. TOM arrived first day of VLCD by surprise… lasted 4 days which is usual but now back again. From what I’ve read online so far, HCG drops can affect this and possibly with me having a baby 12 weeks ago body still not right. I wonder if this is affecting my potential weight loss as well??

In the original pounds and inches states that you stop the injections whilst TOM is here but from my understanding if you are taking drops you don’t. In my very first round in 2013 I did stop the drops for a day but hunger was so bad I started drops again and had no issues that round nor the next… I’ve since seen online that drops are different and to not stop them like you do with injections. I guess my options are to continue as is or stop the drops for a few days and see if TOM goes straight away and stays away… I’m scared to stop as don’t want the hunger… Think I’ll give it a day or two and see what happens and maybe ask on one of the forum boards. I’ll let you know.

Menu for today:

First time I’ve ever had eggs on this diet and I hope the scales are kind to me in the morning!

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