HCG Diet Approved Sweetener – Review On Stevia

HCG SteviaI was first introduced to Stevia when I started the HCG diet back in Oct 2013 and to be quite honest don’t know if I could do the Phase 2 rounds without it. I was nervous to start with using Stevia as thought it was an artificial sweetener which I avoid like the plague… Toxic rubbish. So I did some investigating and from what I’ve found out about Stevia I am more than happy to have it at anytime on or after HCG and am also happy to feed it to my family. During HCG Phase 2 I tend to have it more than any other time but still do use it when off HCG in my sparkling lemon/lime water. It’s good… It saves me cheating on P2, It curbs my sugar cravings… really curbs it.

So what is Stevia?

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say – ” Stevia is a sweetener and sugar substitute extracted from the leaves of the plant species Stevia Rebaudiana.”  This plant is native to South America. It’s been used for more than 1,500 years by the Guarani Peoples of South America. The leaves also been used for 100’s of years by Brazil and Paraguay to sweeten their teas, used in medicine and given as a sweet treat.

If you want to read more head on over to Wikipedia.

Why use Stevia?

  • Stevia is 150 times sweeter than sugar therefore  a lot goes along way.
  • Very little effect on blood glucose nor insulin response.
  • Helps when on P2 of HCG, I use it in my drinks, in dressings, on-top of fruit etc
  • Can have 0 calories… Check your labels
  • Reduces your calorie and carb’s when not on HCG
  • It’s a natural sweetener not a toxic artificial sweetener
  • Studies have shown health benefits from using Stevia

SweetLeaf Information

Are there any negatives or health worries?

When I originally did my research back in 2013 the only negative I could find was that it could potentially cause fertility issues… (Didn’t affect mine as I got pregnant in 2014). No other health issues just a taste issue. People found different brands can taste bitter.
I’ve again looked at Google to see if there is anything else but from what I’ve read further studies have been done and no other adverse affects from using Stevia has been found only more health benefits.

So what brands to buy?

Here in NZ we seem to have very limited amount of brands, meaning I’ve only found one that’s good in the health shop and the ones in the supermarkets are rubbish as contain other stuff that we shouldn’t have during P2 & P3.  The brand I use here in NZ is NirVana pure Stevia Liquid Concentrate. It contains Distilled Water, Certified Organic Stevia Glycosides (Intense sweetener extracted from the Stevia Rebaudiana Plant, Ascorbic Acid (Vit C) and Potassium Sorbate.

Last time I did HCG I kept seeing all of these posts where people used flavored Stevia, so this time round I bit the bullet and brought a little pack of three – from Amazon, Sweetleaf Chocolate, Vanilla Creme and English Toffee. So glad I did they are super good!! In fact real good, the chocolate smells like Easter eggs to me… They are tiny wee bottles but great if you want to test before buying. I’ve now brought the full size version of English Toffee and Vanilla Creme from Amazon… It’s cost me an arm and leg for the shipping and I couldn’t source Chocolate from Amazon to be sent to NZ so used an Australian company eStevia who sell and ship overseas Sweetleaf products. I’ve not got enough Stevia to last the rest of the year I’m sure of it!

I am going to highly recommend Sweetleaf as they contain all approved P2&3 ingredients, organic and all natural. Read labels if you are purchasing any other Stevia than this brand as from what I’ve seen in my journey so far, a lot of Stevia products contain normal sugar… Or other stuff you shouldn’t have that could make you gain or stall. I’ve also read a lot of other products on the market can be bitter but I’ve yet to find that with Sweetleaf. Sweetleaf also have soooo many flavors like watermelon, Cola, Coconut, Lemon and one I really want to try is Valencia Orange. They have 20 drop flavors, powdered Stevia & water drops.

What can you use it in when doing HCG?

There are many many uses for Stevia when doing HCG and this time I will continue to use it after, especially the flavored drops. So far I’ve used the plain drops in Lemon & Sparkling water, Vinegar and mustard dressings, In soups and Chilli if I want something sweet and sour or sweet and hot. The flavored drops I’ve used in Iced Coffee, on top of my apples, in an orange slushy, in a spinach/strawberry slushy, P2 pancake, peppermint tea… It’s limited to your imagination really but I wouldn’t be able to do HCG without Stevia that’s for sure.

If you have any other brands you want to share please do and also feel free to ask any questions  🙂

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