HCG Advice On Advice – Top 5 Tips On Peoples Advice

AdviceThe internet is a great thing, if it wasn’t around then you wouldn’t be reading this for example but it can also be an overload of information and it can be extremely hard to figure out the answers to questions you may have and this is just from reading articles let alone social media where everyone has their say.

So how do you know who’s giving the right advice for the HCG diet, what to take in as correct and what to ignore?

Here are my top 5 tips:

1. Read Pounds and Inches regardless of where you are getting your HCG from, what protocol they are pushing and what they recommend as this IS the original protocol and even if you don’t follow it you know in the back of your mind as to why you are following this diet, what you are doing by following the four phases and the rational around the diet. You will also be aware of the foods and each stage and what they should entail.

2. Decide what you will accept as being true, for example I recently was told that synthetic HCG is just as good as homeopathic and injections even though it was hormone free… I didn’t continue with the person explaining why I didn’t think it was good but took it as a grain of salt and carried on my way. You should too when you come across this as it causes doubt in your own mind and an argument on social media, people will believe what they want to believe. Do your research and you will find that it must contain the hormone to be effective.

3. Read, research and read some more… then find a forum, group page or a person that you can follow and ask questions and stick to what is said otherwise all the conflicting info will do your head in.

4. Stick to your gut, if someone is telling you it is fine to eat xxx or to take xxx and you know this is not in the original protocol then just nod and ignore, carry on.

5. If you do happen to want to try something that varies off the diet that people are talking about or are recommending then try it.. It will either work with your body or it won’t as long as you have read the protocol and are aware of the setbacks of not following the diet then take others advice and see what happens, everyone is different and it may or may not work.

I myself have done lots of research around coconut oil on P2 and decided to start taking it, at first I didn’t have good results as I think I was part way through a round but stared first day in my second round this year and has been great success, I do a combination of CO and MCT oil. Max 2 tablespoons a day and I don’t count the calories.

I also don’t have any Grissini nor Melba as find that I crave if I do, instead I make up the calories with extra vegetables.

These two examples are my variations of the diet otherwise everything else has been as per pounds and inches regardless of what I have been advised to do and what others have been successful with.

Examples of this are:

– mixing vegetables

– Increasing calories

– Adding in more protein than what is recommended

– Shorter rounds than minimum or longer rounds than maximum

– Adding different vegetables to the diet than original protocol

– Changing the Grissini/melba for different replacements

– Different sugars other what is on protocol

So my last bit of advice is if you feel comfortable giving something off protocol a go then do it… Just be weary that the scales might not be so kind to you or that stabilizing might be that bit harder or it might not and everything will be fine 🙂


  • Breakfast: BP coffee
  • Snack: Strawberry drink (frozen berries blitzed in a NutriBullet with water and Chocolate Stevia)
  • Lunch: Smokey Chicken, Tomato and basil Salad
  • Snack: Cup of peppermint tea
  • Dinner: Curried Mince and Spinach
  • Snack: Apples and Chocolate Delight



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