Guest Posters Wanted… Your Story…

9th August 2015  OK so I think it’s time for some other people out there to share their weight loss story. You might just be at the start,   middle or near the end or indeed at the end and have maintained for a while now and what to share findings, beliefs, diets, your tips or just think your journey will benefit other people.

It doesn’t have to be HCG related as let’s face it this diet isn’t for everyone, I just want your story. The more information from real people on here the better people are informed and can start their own weight loss journey no matter how they chose to do it.

Few guidelines:

  1. You must be a real person with a real story to share, before and after photos are great
  2. You may have a couple of links back to your blog if you have one and I’d appreciate a few back
  3. I won’t accept anything that looks like it’s just a story, has to be real.

That’s it… I look forward to reading your journey to achieving weight loss… Being inspired by real people keeps the momentum moving forward for me and I’m sure others out there too.