Do you want a HCG Buddy/Friend/Mentor

meOK so I’ve been helping, coaching and being a buddy to a few people now and I’ve decided from the feedback to pimp myself out to anyone that is wanting some one on one help and advice or just a buddy during your HCG phases.

I’ve created a Gig on Fiverr (the website is awesome if you’ve never been there before I suggest you check it out… I’ve only just stumbled across it myself… people really do amazing stuff for $5!).

So my Gig is me… You get to have me for 7 days for $5USD, I will FaceBook friend you and we can talk and discuss how to do the HCG, I will answer any questions, provide a guide, measurement chart an food list… I will contact you each and every day to see how you are getting on, you can message me 100 times a day if you want… I will get back to all of your messages.

You can also up size your Gig and get me throughout your P2 Journey or P3 Journey.. Awesome I know 🙂

If you are wanting something else other than what is listed on Fiverr let me know and I’ll great a Gig especially for you J


Feedback is always welcomed and I’d appreciate it.

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