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HCG Phase 2 Recipe – Spinach, Garlic Stuffed Chicken

  So I’m at the end of my 40 day round, on day two of no drops but still having 500cal and I’m bored with the HCG Phase 2 foods so Spinach, Garlic Stuffed...


HCG Phase 2 Recipe – Dirty Rice With Coconut Aminos

This has to be one of my favorites, Dirty Rice with Coconut Aminos whilst on P2… I could have this every single day but I don’t just encase, like to mix it up bit,...

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Smokey Eggs and Cabbage Muffins – HCG Phase 2

  So I decided that I would give eggs a whirl this round as haven’t them before in P2 and kept seeing all these posts on one of the Facebook groups I belong too...


Iced Coffee – HCG Phase 2 Recipe

  So I will admit I didn’t come up with this myself just slightly tweaked an Iced coffee recipe I came across when I was looking at Pinterest, it’s a perfect HCG phase 2...

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Chilli Beef And Tomato – HCG Phase 2

  This meal is what I have most nights, think when I last did my 30 day round back in Jan 2014 this is all I ate every night.